What Is Christian Life Coaching?

"Coaching is not about giving advice or telling people what to do." -Gary Collins Christian Coaching


I believe no one knows you better than God and no one is better at identifying your passions and motivations than you. As your Christian Life Coach I invite the Holy Spirit into the process that's centered around honoring Jesus Christ.


With these foundational beliefs, my priority is to provide you with servant leadership. For this reason, maintianing a standard of integrity in this role is of the utmost importance to me as I walk along side you in your journey of discovery.


As your servant I allow you to choose the agenda for each coaching session. If there are things that you want to focus on or things you'd rather not talk about, it's all under your control. This is also why I do not seek to impose my values, judge, condemn, convert, or refuse anyone who seeks coaching simply because their beliefs differ from mine.


Nevertheless, I am also committed to providing leadership by asking powerful questions that lead to insight concerning the path that will get you out of your rut or find the untapped potential that God has blessed you with. 


All of this is foward focused. As your Christian Life Coach I am here to help you gain deep awareness of who and where you are while I guide you on your journey to where you want and hope to be.


As we focus on your future, I'm dedicated to helping you catch a glimpse of your unique vision, which is a product of understanding who you are and represents a drive to live life in a way to that is genuine, authentic, driven, and filled with inspiration.



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